Start delivery and takeaway service sales now!

We make it easy for you to get started in the delivery business - with our all-in-one platform for restaurateurs. POS system, webshop & app and driver app - all from a single source.

Start delivery service and out-of-home sales now!

We make it easy for you to get started in the delivery business - with our all-in-one platform for restaurateurs. POS system, webshop & app and driver app - all from a single source.

Start now with food delivery
as an alternative in the Corona crisis!

With the massive restrictions in the restaurant industry during the current crisis, restaurants are facing the challenge of continuing to generate revenue and grow alternative businesses. Switching to the delivery and takeaway business is one way to stay profitable with your restaurant.

We offer you an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for you to get started in the delivery business - all within a very short time. Operating a delivery service offers you the chance to secure a second mainstay in the long term and build a sustainable business for the future. Delivery and takeaway will continue to be a growing market in the coming years.

We'll show you a simple 10-point plan to give you an overview of how to build a delivery business.
Let's go!

SimplyDelivery Einsteigerpaket für Restaurants Corona

Deliver to customers as quick as possible with SimplyDelivery's all-in-one platform!

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Your own Webshop

  • Onlineshop optimized for food deliveries
  • 0% comission
  • Optimized for all devices
  • Professional template adapted to your design
  • Online payment methods - contactless
  • Article changes in real time

POS System

  • POS system with Cloud TSE  (only in Germany "Kassensicherungsverordnung)
  • All orders in one system
  • Delivery portal connection - no single typing anymore
  • Statistics - everything at a glance with one click
  • Discounts and vouchers - simple sales promotion

Drivers App

  • Optimized delivery times through automatic driver allocation and planning
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Start navigation with one click
  • Efficient use of your staff
  • Settlements - the cash balance at a glance

Here's how: In 10 steps
from restaurant to delivery business

1 The decision to switch

Your restaurant has to stay closed and you don't know what to do next? Then there are only a few options at this point. Wait for the situation to sort itself out, or you try to keep the business going. One solution to this is delivery and takeaway. It has already been shown with our customers that investing in their own delivery service pays off sustainably & in the long run. Those who want to keep their guests should either expand the existing delivery service or discover a new revenue opportunity with this. Nevertheless, this decision should not be taken lightly.

You should also ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I have enough financial resources to keep producing my products fresh? Can I find some extra budget to invest in promoting the delivery service?
  • Are my employees willing to take on other tasks under if necessary?
  • Do I have the infrastructure and drivers to deliver food?

We offer you a complete cash register system with webshop at a fair price model! Inform yourself here about

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2 What are the legal requirements?

As a restaurateur who wants to deliver, you do not have to fulfil any other legal requirements than in regular in-house catering. However, pay attention to the prescribed infection control ordinance and individual COVID-19 measures of the federal states. For example, the serving and sale of alcoholic beverages may be prohibited after a certain time. In addition, you should pay attention to safety measures in the area of hygiene and food preparation for your employees and customers.

3 What products do I offer?

There are a few points you should consider when delivering food:

  • Your products don't have to be easy to make, but good to deliver.
  • Don't offer products that quickly fall apart on the way and then arrive at the customer less appetising
  • Have you always placed particular emphasis on the presentation of your dishes in your restaurant and worked with delicate decorations? Some of your dishes need to be at a certain temperature in order to develop the optimum flavour? Then you'd better leave them off the delivery menu, otherwise they won't meet your or your customers' demands.
  • Start with a small menu. Look at which products have done well in the past and which dishes are good to deliver. That's enough for the beginning!
  • Don't forget: see how much product you can currently afford to use and leave out the fresh truffles, which are pricey.
  • This also includes: pay attention to the sales prices of your products. With the multitude of competition in the delivery business and the current financial losses in many households, price-intensive products will hardly stand a chance.
4 What do I need for the delivery of the products?

Ideally, you should consider the following points:

  • The packaging material and transport containers should be able to maintain the temperature of the food reasonably well - whether hot or cold.
  • If you can somehow, despite the current situation, pay attention to the packaging material used and avoid plastic - more sustainable solutions are trending.
  • In order to deliver your food to the customer, you will of course need drivers and vehicles (see point 6).
  • Currently, contactless delivery and handover of food is very important. In the course of this, also think about offering several payment options such as PayPal or credit card, which can be used to avoid direct contact with the customer.
5 To whom do I deliver my food? Perimeter / catchment area

Here, of course, we have to distinguish between urban and rural areas. In the city, a radius of 10km can easily lead to a 30km drive and thus an unacceptably long delivery time. Therefore, it is better to choose smaller radius and fast delivery times. Because sometimes a 15-minute faster delivery time is all that matters to the customer. If you then notice that you can still keep your delivery times well, you can extend your radius in a flash in our system - with the help of postcodes or your own radius drawings. This change will be automatically synchronised in the shop. And vice versa: if you notice that your radius is too wide, you can make it smaller. Try to keep your delivery time to 30 - 45 minutes.

6 How do I deliver my food? By car, bicycle or e-bike?

Based on the chosen radius and your business area (see point 5), the right vehicle choice is often close at hand.

In rural areas, it makes more sense to use a car to cover the long distances quickly. The advantage of delivery by car is also that the food can be delivered more safely and quickly over longer distances.

In the city, a motor scooter or e-bike is often a good way to avoid the sometimes (still) heavy traffic more quickly and keep the delivery time short. Since not everyone has an e-bike at their disposal, a bicycle with an appropriate bag will of course also work. However, please also note here: the possibly "wilder" way of riding or greater dependence on the weather can lead to the food falling apart or cooling down more quickly. (see point 3) If you do not have your own driver, you can also use couriers, who are now available all over Germany.

7 How do I distribute my products?

Delivery portals like lieferando naturally do a lot of marketing for themselves and offer a lot of convenience for the end customer. The problem for restaurants? Your restaurant can easily get lost in the mass of offers. In addition, you sometimes have to reckon with long posting times or wait a long time for changes. In addition, intensive marketing costs a lot of money and the commission you pay per order to the delivery portals is high.

An own shop, on the other hand, offers the advantage of being able to react independently. You can flexibly activate or deactivate products, adjust delivery areas and much more. It's all up to you! Of course, you have to pay more attention to the visibility of your shop (see point 8).

But how do you set up your own shop? No problem with SimplyDelivery. We offer you a professional template, which we can customise with your logo and colours. Our webshop is of course optimised for all devices and additionally directly connected to the POS system. And if you decide to sell your products in both ways (own shop and delivery portal), that's no problem either. We offer a direct interface to many delivery portals, so that the orders go directly into the system & you no longer have to type anything in by hand.

Inform yourself now about our offers

Google Food Ordering can be seen as a further ordering channel for the own webshop. SimplyDelivery is one of the first partners to have an interface to Google, where orders can be placed directly in the restaurateur's own webshop via Google Search and Google Maps.

8 How can I inform my customers about the delivery service?

On the one hand, you have the option of informing potential customers via direct mail and notices at your restaurant. We offer our customers a template for this, which we can quickly adapt to their needs. Just ask for it.

Above all, the internet offers you many opportunities to acquire potential customers. For example, inform your regular restaurant customers about your social media channels and your website. Or place ads on Google Ads to activate new customers. It can also be helpful to write to customers whose email address you already have in your reservation system.There are a many possibilities, you can find out more here.

9 What should I pay attention to at the customer site?

Even with contactless delivery, which we offer in our webshop system, your driver can provide a nice customer experience and attention, for example by wearing secure clothing with your branding (bicycle helmet etc.) and handing over a delivery package with your logo.

Another idea to give the customer a good experience apart from the delicious food delivered: Attach a business card with a handwritten thank you - this all leaves the impression: "This restaurant or delivery service is grateful for my order and offers me super service". A flyer with a discount offer for the next order also makes sense.

Keyword discount: Even if discounts naturally seem difficult at this time, they still offer a good incentive for potential regular customers. Important: Calculate the discounts beforehand! Would you rather not give a financial incentive? Then perhaps give a free product that is cheap to produce, e.g. pizza rolls or Kappa Maki. There are almost no limits to your imagination here. Just look a little at the order: if someone orders only vegetarian products, for example, pizza rolls with salami might not be the right giveaway.

10 Continuous control in the follow-up

While you have the opportunity to get feedback directly from your customers in a restaurant, this is of course slightly different in the delivery service. Therefore, watch your ratings on relevant portals such as Google. Do you get complaints that your deliveries arrive cold? Then check the packaging material and delivery time again. Are your deliveries often late? Take another look at your delivery areas, maybe the radius is too wide after all. With our driver app SimplyDrive, you have the possibility to manage tours and drivers efficiently.

Just keep in mind: A customer will order again if he was satisfied with the delivery and the service. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of your delivery service!

Do you still have questions about entering the delivery business?
Our employees will be happy to advise you!

Use SimplyDelivery with a complete POS System with API to various delivery portals and webshop with a driver app.

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