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From delivery portal to your own webshop – How to save up to 30%

How much do you pay monthly to the delivery portals? On average, most restaurants pay about 10-15% per order, plus monthly fees. Not a good deal for many delivery services, but often the only way to reach customers. Without Lieferando and Co. a delivery service is nowadays hardly imaginable, let alone profitable. The general trend towards e-commerce is constantly increasing this dependency. Telephone orders and counter sales are becoming less and less important in the catering trade.

People want to manage their business online and preferably from home. This makes a strong online presence - even for smaller businesses - increasingly important. In 2016, the proportion of Germans who made their purchases online was 67.6%. This trend shows increasing tendencies especially in the market for food delivery. According to an analysis by Statista, online delivery services currently generate sales of over €3 billion across Germany, with annual growth in the millions. For individual businesses and franchise chains, this means moving with the times, being innovative and adapting accordingly to their customers in order to remain successful in the long term.

An important step towards more independence is the company's own web shop and an ordering app for mobile users. If you get it right and invest some money in online marketing, you can quickly generate up to 30% of all incoming orders via your own order platform within a year.

An important point here is the perception of your brand and thus the development of long-term customer loyalty. Many users, once they are satisfied with a delivery service, like to order again from it.

With these 10 points, your own webshop

will be a success:

Highlight your own brand

In comparison to portals you have the possibility to present and market yourself and your restaurant individually. Your own design, sustainable customer relationships and independent pricing make your store unique.

Simple, good Design

A clear design and a fast ordering process are the most important indicators for a good ordering experience, which the customer likes to use again.

Clearly arranged menu

Too many products make onlineshops confusing and less attractive for the user. Divide your articles into menus and product groups.

Use qualitative images

Low resolution and generally poor quality seem unprofessional. Do not use photos from image portals, but rather invest in a good photographer.

Search engine optimization

In a portal your restaurant is only one of many. With your own domain you can also start your own advertising campaigns. With Google Adwords you optimize your performance in the search ads and are thus found faster by new customers.

Webshop und mobile App. Ihr Restaurant wird digital.

Customer login

Helps you to find out who your existing customers are and binds them for the long term. Shortens the ordering process because customers can save delivery addresses and view their favorite products at any time. In addition, they can keep them up to date with a newsletter.

Coupon codes to activate existing customers

Somebody hasn't ordered anything in a while? Remember and reward your regular customers with vouchers or special offers.

variety of payment methods

Not everyone uses credit cards or PayPal. Don't let a single customer slip through your fingers. With credit and gift codes, as well as EC or cash payments, you can satisfy all customers

Include your own Internet address in print media

Print still has a high priority. Leave your contact details, advertising slogans or offers on receipts and menus. The more media you use, the more likely it is that potential customers will perceive them.

Keeping an eye on the order status

Punctuality is crucial for good customer ratings. The driver terminal calculates the route with live data so that you have an overview of your delivery times at all times.

Whether it's sushi, pizza or burger - we will be happy to advise you at any time and work with you to find the ideal design for your brand. According to your ideas and with our expert knowledge you can go online within a very short time. An own online shop is possible for everyone, so you save unnecessary costs and take it into your own hands.

Get started now!

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