Korrekte Buchführung und Abrechnung. Alles was Sie fürs Finanzamt wissen müssen haben wir hier zusammengefasst.

GoBD Info for 2017

Ready for the tax office

GoBS and GDPdU are terms that can already buzz around longer time and cause confusion again and again. It concerns the principles of orderly DV-supported bookkeeping systems and the principles to the data access and testability of digital documents. These were replaced by the GoBD in 2015 and have been in force since 01.01.2015. We recommend every restaurant operator to deal with this topic. In order to offer an approach, we have briefly summarised some of the most important points.


Data that must be recorded and retained must be stored electronically.


All subsequent changes must be logged and traceable.


The insight of third parties must be guaranteed in order to get an overview of the business.


The data must be protected against loss and theft.

Ordnungsgemäß und Nachvollziebar

Alle Daten müssen sachlich und nachvollziehbar gespeichert und dargestellt werden.

Correctness and punctuality

It is the taxpayer's responsibility to provide all information correctly and in a timely manner.


All business activities must be recorded in their entirety.

Securing your own upswing

In recent years we have seen a small trend evolve through the increasing number of snack bars, cafes, catering and delivery services. In the age of mobile communication and smartphone apps, it is not surprising that delivery services are also gaining popularity. One of the reasons for the decline in classic restaurants in Germany could also be the slow digitalisation of the catering industry. Especially for start-ups and smaller companies, the wrong or outdated POS system can lead to costly consequences. Lack of automation of redundant processes, unnecessary administrative work to comply with the law, and lack of reports and statistics on their own operations are three avoidable cost drivers.

Weniger Sorgen mit SimplyDelivery

When you start or run a business, you want to be sure you're making the right decisions. With SimplyDelivery, you've chosen a POS system that will reduce your concerns in the future. Audicon GmbH is a recognized GoBD/GDPdU expert who supports POS, ERP and payroll system manufacturers in proving the GoBD conformity of their interfaces. We have had our GoBD export interface certified by Audicon so that our customers can continue to focus on their business and not on administration in the future.

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