Relieve your queue with Self-Service terminals


There's hardly anyone left these days who hasn't seen a self-service checkout in the supermarket. However, the self-service order terminals in the gastronomy area are rarer. The concept appeals especially to fast food and take-outs, which have a lot of walk-in customers at peak times. However, it is often these companies that do not have the opportunity to test new concepts. Up to now self-service terminals were connected with expensive hardware, which took up a lot of space. McDonald's has already tested the first self-service order terminals in the USA in 2003. Seven years later the system established itself in Germany and since then more and more have been added.

Skip the queue

The further development of touch screen devices and payment options over the last few years has allowed us to add our new order terminal function to the POS module. With the checkout module, waiters can not only take orders via smartphone, but also place fixed tablets for their customers to order in order to relieve the manned checkout during rush hours. Offer your guests the opportunity to skip the queue to save time.

The interface and customer experience follows clear rules and is visually adapted to your corporate identity. The collaboration and exchange of experience with some of our existing clients has enabled us to add this advanced feature to our repertoire. Follow the simple ordering process in the gallery below.

Sounds interesting? Please feel free to contact us, our team will provide you with all further information.

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