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The intelligent way to improve your deliveries

The drivers app is the perfect tool for your drivers. Optimize navigation and give your employees all the information they need to deliver.

Efficient delivery thanks to
the drivers app

In the drivers app, the driver has all relevant data in his hand. The direct link to the navigation apps means he only needs two clicks to start navigation. Thanks to GPS tracking, you always have the driver in view and can plan your deliveries better.

Easy to operate and fast to your destination

Easy to use - easy to learn Easy to use - easy to learn
Thanks to its intuitive user interface, employees hardly need any training. The clear dashboard displays the most important information at a glance.
Tour planning and navigation - everything at a glance Tour planning and navigation - everything at a glance
The tours assigned to the driver are displayed with all relevant information. With two clicks he can start the navigation to the destinations.

Support for your employees

Settlements - an overview of cash in hand Settlements - an overview of cash in hand
The driver gets a real-time overview of how much income he has. This saves unexpected surprises at the end of the shift.
Communication - a good wire to each other Communication - a good wire to each other
With the built-in message module, employees at the checkout and the driver can easily exchange information with each other in real time. With a single click, the driver can also reach the store by telephone.

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All modules are perfectly matched to each other and help you get the most out of your company. They can be booked at any time.

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More about drivers app

Increase the performance of your employees

The performance of your own drivers can usually only be tracked retroactively. With the driver app for delivery services, you and your employees can check the status of the delivery at any time. Above all, however, it gives the driver security and makes his tasks easier. All information on billing, route planning and shifts is digitally available to the driver while he is still delivering the food.
With its functions, the drivers app is the perfect tool for any modern delivery service that wants to keep an eye on its drivers and provide them with useful information.

The idea behind the drivers app is to digitize the catering trade and, above all, the delivery service, as with the cash register, the web shop, the personnel administration and the merchandise management. All information about the orders can be called up on the mobile phone at any time. Thus, the drivers app for delivery services on the road offers a promising alternative to cash receipts and integrates seamlessly into all modules of the system. Your trust is important to us. In dealing with location and customer data, the same standards apply in every respect that are already guaranteed in all our software modules.