Expand your delivery channels - with Google & SimplyDelivery

Since recently, customers can order their food directly from Google Search and via Maps. As Google’s first portal-independent partner, we offer you the appropriate interface. Fair & transparent.

Expand your delivery channels -
with Google Maps & SimplyDelivery

Since recently, customers can order their food directly from Google Search and via Maps. As Google’s first portal-independent partner, we offer you the appropriate interface. Fair & transparent.

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Isn't it easy when customers can order directly via Google?

Nowadays there is hardly any competition to the relevant delivery portals, but this also means that you will have to relinquish a not inconsiderable part of your sales in the form of commission. An own webshop already offers enormous potential to reduce this.

Since May 2020 it is now also possible in Germany to order and have food delivered directly via Google. This opens up a completely new ordering channel for restaurateurs. With the new ordering function for restaurants, Google has introduced a promising update for the gastronomy sector in Germany. With the functions "Order to go" or "Order and have delivered" in Google Search and Google Maps, customers can order food and pay directly with Google Pay. This channel enables more orders to be placed independently of the delivery portals.

SimplyDelivery has worked as a partner of Google on an interface to the ERP-system, which now supports delivery services in positioning their own webshop. With the help of this interface, not only can your articles be automatically imported into Google, but the orders also run directly into your system. Price changes and opening hours are automatically transferred to Google.

Google Food Ordering - Essen bestellen

Your advantages

Independent & without commissions

efficient delivery channel
Many customers search on Google. Give them the possibility to order from there.

easy handling
Automatic transfer of articles, price changes and opening hours.

 immediate order transmission
If you use our POS System, the orders can be printed directly.

 no comission
You only pay a monthly fixed price and no order commission.

Wie kann ich die Schnittstelle nutzen?

1. preparation of the Google MyBusiness listing

The most important prerequisite for using the Google Food is that you have your own GoogleMyBusiness account for your stores. The better this account is maintained - i.e. the more information you provide for your customers (opening hours, photos, etc.), the more attention it attracts and and it's more likely that customers will order there instead of using other delivery portals.

2. signing the contract and sending the data


3. Schnittstelleneinrichtung


4. Informieren Sie Ihre Kunden 

Informieren Sie Ihre Kunden über Ihre Flyer, Newsletter oder sogar über Ihren Kassenbon über das neue Angebot. Gerne unterstützen wir Sie bei allen Marketingaktivitäten. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an.

Important questions

1 What do I need for Google Food?

If you use our POS-System, you can simply add orders via Google. The setup is done with a few steps in our administration. Additionally, a Google My Business account is required to use the food ordering feature.

2 Which payment methods can I offer?

In addition to cash payments, you can also offer online payments such as credit cards etc. The payment is processed via our partner Adyen. You simply register with Adyen in our administration. Adyen setup is happens only in our system - an account with the external official site of Adyen is not necessary.

3 What will this new ordering channel cost me?

You pay a fixed monthly amount of 29 euros, regardless of any commissions, for using the interface to Google Food at SimplyDelivery. That's less than 1 euro per day. The payment provider Adyen charges regular fees per transaction for processing online payments (not cash). Please check with the payment provider for more information. The fee for online payment with Adyen is 3.5%. Order commissions do not apply.

4 How long is the contract period ?

The minimum term is 12 months.

5 Why should I use the interface from SimplyDelivery?

With SimplyDelivery's interface to your own webshop, you can achieve greater reach and customer potential for your own-delivery systems while keeping the monthly costs predictable. If you are registered with Lieferando, customers can also use this ordering function via Google. In the SimplyDelivery POS-System, all orders go together. Keep in mind that each order via Lieferando brings with it further costs such as commission.

6 Can i deactivate third parties in the account for orders?

Yes, all you have to do is submit this form to Google.

7 When does Adyen pay out the amounts to the franchise partner?

Weekly. Is registered in the merchant account.

8 Where can I find information on data protection?
9 How long does it take to set up Google Food overall?

According to different transfer or review durations, the complete process can take between 1-2 weeks.

Use Google now as new ordering channel!

We are pleased to advise you on further questions.

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Ordering via Google can bring advantages to you as a company and to your customers. Not only can regular customers order from you more easily, but you will also be visible to potential new customers on Google. Therefore, design your offer transparent and attractive. Store images in the system and give users the option to add additional extras. With our interface, this is quick and easy.

With our interface to the Google ordering function, you not only expand your potential clientele, you can also generate additional sales via your own web shop - without paying high commissions to delivery portals. You have full control over the offered dishes and can introduce product or price changes within the shortest possible time. Let us advise you today!

Ordering food online is part of everyday life for many people nowadays. With the option of ordering directly via Google, you as a restaurateur now have the advantage of offering your customers even more service without suffering from excessive commission payments. (Potential) customers do not even have to search specifically for your restaurant, but are shown delivery services in the vicinity with just one click on Google Maps and Google Search.

Your customers can then easily make their selection from the offered dishes and send off their order via Google Pay or other payment methods. Whether for pick-up or delivery - the Google Order function gives you the opportunity to be found more easily among the abundance of competition - and make yourself even more independent of the usual delivery portals.